Hey! My name is Olivia and I love making heads turn for some strangely unique reasons. And just when you thought foot painting was jaw-dropping, wait till you see my works. It’s truly modern art personified. And simply put, no one’s complaining at how I break stereotypes. God gifted glories and a bit of talent is what I use to produce masterpieces. And you’ve literally got to see it to believe it.

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This is my first NFT and I am so exited to share it with you.
I decided to reward a random owner of my art on Solana with the original art piece. In addition, she or he shall recieve the NFT from my collection on OpenSea with all the benefits. Nevertheless, each owner of Magic Mountain NFT on Solana gets the access to the creative process.

To be crystal clear, I want my future works to fully belong to thier owners.
I want you to decide whether I should ship it to you or burn it to the ground.


Artist: Olivia Moore

Supply: 1000

Price: 0.1 SOL

Each minted NFT grants access to the creative process.

Access will be granted on or before March, 1st

Random owner will get or burn the original painting.